Treatments available include;

New Partial Dentures - Where a patient has some natural teeth remaining.

New Complete Dentures - Where a patient has no natural teeth remaining.

Relining or Rebasing - This can be done where a denture is in good condition but the fit needs to be improved.

Repairing Denture Plate - Needed when a denture cracks, or breaks into two pieces.

Adding Teeth to a Denture - This is necessary when further natural teeth have been lost.

Adding Clasps to a Denture - This may help by “clipping” the denture to the natural teeth still remaining.

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Bath Denture Service

53 Purlewent Drive

Weston Village

Bath - BA1 4BB

Phone: 01225 336623

Mobile: 07981 110797


Owner: Mark Ely, DipCDT,RCS,Eng

Registered Clinical Dental Technician

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