Treatments available include:

New Partial Dentures - Where a patient has some natural teeth remaining.

New Complete Dentures - Where a patient has no natural teeth remaining.

Relining or Rebasing - This can be done where a denture is in good condition but the fit needs to be improved.

Repairing Denture Plate - Needed when a denture cracks, or breaks into two pieces.

Adding Teeth to a Denture - This is necessary when further natural teeth have been lost.

Adding Clasps to a Denture - This may help by “clipping” the denture to the natural teeth still remaining.

Price Guide:

Repair of crack in an acrylic denture From £55
Repair of acrylic denture in two pieces From £60
Replacement of tooth (supplied by patient) £60
Replacement of tooth (supplied by BDS) £70
Repair of denture requiring an impression From £150
Reline of a partial denture £195
Reline of a complete denture £180
New partial acrylic denture £450 to £750
New complete acrylic denture £750
New upper & lower complete acrylic dentures £1500
New partial metal & acrylic denture From £850
New complete metal & acrylic dentures From £850

All patients will be given a written treatment plan which includes a clear fee before treatment begins.

Clients requiring denture repairs (not needing an impression) will be given a clear verbal fee before the repair is undertaken.

Repairs or treatment required urgently out of normal office hours will incur an additional 50% cost.

Please note that treatment is by appointment only so please contact us by phone or email if you need our services.

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Bath Denture Service

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Phone: 01225 336623

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Owner: Mark Ely, DipCDT,RCS,Eng

Registered Clinical Dental Technician

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